Geo Xtra WT-A05 GRAY review

Hi there!
Today I bring a new review from my last order to my favourite lenses shop, LensVillage!
This time I got...

 Diameter: 15 mm
 Price for 1 pair: $20 
 Life span: 1 year disposable
 Power available: plano only
 Base curve: 8.7
 Manufacturer: GEO Medical


These lenses are larger than the normal eye (14mm diameter)
You can see the difference in the picture below.
For me, this diameter is the perfect one, it enlarges the eye but they aren't extremely big


Grey is my favourite colour for circle lenses! And I really like this design, specially with daylight.
 They look quite natural with a little effect that makes eyes look very nice

I've worn them for several hours, even in a shopping center crowded with people and, despite of the hot and the hours that I spent there, I found them confortable

Do you like them?
Go get them here with a free animal case!
And have a nice weekend ;)


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!!!

Hi guys!! 
Hope you've enjoyed your New Year's Eve night!!
I also hope that you've had a nice year and that this year 2016 will bring you even better things ;)
For me, last year was amazing, PERFECT if I compare it to the year before...
I've checked my new year purposes for the 2015 and I've accomplished almost all of them! 

 Start pole dancing: I've bought my pole bar in February...But I'm not doing any improvement! I'm going to take pole dance classes this year, I promise, for my happiness sake!!
 Do some sport: Ok, This year, THIS MONTH I'm gonna start goind to the gym. I promise. In fact, I need to workout if I want to pole so...I have no choince. Well, I started working out for 2 months but I'm so lazy to do it at home on my own... But I admit that I like the results when I workout...now I even have a booty!!!!
 Spending money on practical and important things instead of wasting my money everyday: I've really improved on this. Now I think twice or more before buying something!!
 To travel more often, if possible to Japan or the USA: I finally went back to Japan after 7 years!! I've visited my faimly in Tokyo and also my host family in Matsue!! This year I hope to go to the USA if I find someone to go with...Otherwise I'll try to go back to Japan!!
 Think more on me instead of trying to satisfy everybody: I'm not sure if I'm doing it well, but I'll keep trying.
 Keep improving on cooking: I'm getting better, little by little, thanks to my flatmates!!
 Buy a computer: Done!! I've bought a Toshiba Satellite L50, and now I can play The Sims, watch my series and write on the blog in a more confortable way!
 Have long hair: now my hair is quite long (but not enough!) and I'm taking a lot of care of it! 
And as you can see in the pictures...I got the last piercing that I wanted to have, the labret!! :D


 Improve japanese language: actually I've just found some books to learn kanji but that's all... I've practiced my japanese when I went to Japan, but that's not enough... I should keep watching japanese series and movies and find some time to study japanese...
 Avoid every toxic people/things in my life: well...I still work in a toxic environment (yes, even in Disneyland we live bad situations and meet assholes!), but I'm tring to move from this situation, so let's see... ALSO, I've stopped smoking :D Ok, I just smoke 1-2 cigarettes when in a party but it doesn't happen often ;)
 Find the love of my life (even if I was kidding and was hopeless when I make this list!): I don't know if he's the love of my life or not, I don't even know if the love of our lives exists...but he's been the main source of my happiness this last year. Even if we were lost when we met each other, we found the way to re-start our happiness together. 
His name is Guillaume, he's the hottest fireman and castmember in the world, I love him, and most important, he loves me and makes me feel good with myself.


This year has been full of good things. Nothing went bad except the death of our rabbit Tambo...
I've been in several parties in Paris, I've worked with awesome people, I've enjoyed the company of my flatmates...

...I've spent a weekend in Amsterdam with my flatmates and friends...

...I've started to visit nice corners of this pretty country, France, with Guillaume...

...My brothers have visited me (FINALLY) in Paris...

...and I've understood once again than time flies, so I try to keep more in touch with my family and friends in Japan and in Spain (even my friends at highschool!) and I've decided not to waste my time!!!

 Purposes for 2016 

 Go to the USA (or another country far far away!)
 Keep improving japanese. Seriously.
 Get the tattoo(s) that I've in mind
 Move to a pretty place! (gotta leave my current house in June...)
 Get a phone that satisfies 100% my expectations!!
 Change job in Disneyland. SOON.
 Keep visiting a lot of cities within France and abroad (just for a weekend..!) 
 Work as a translator
 Keep updating more often my blog... sorry guys I'm the worst blogger in life :(
 Keep building my relationship up!

This year will be decisive for my happiness and I'll suffer a lot of changes in my life.
I really need to change my job and I'm gonna make it. And I also have to move to another house, and I still don't know if I'll move alone or not...
I'm a little scared about future but I'm also excited! I WISH THE BEST FOR YOU TOO!!

And now...some pictures of New Year's Eve!!
Once again we celebrated it at home and we invited a lot of people.
Almost the most important people for me were there, so it was really cool.



And now I'm like this the whole day...lol